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Old Man's War by John Scalzi


When you're on vacation you've got plenty of time to read up on some literature.

Also finished reading Old Man's War by John Scalzi. Was a bit reluctant to pick this one up, for i always have a hard time reading books from a first persons view.

Can't say i particulary liked Scalzi's writing style (nor did i dislike it), and i found the pace of the story a tad too quick, but i liked the general idea and the world Scalzi created.

Once again, is this a series i should follow up on, or don't bother with the rest.

Read the second one, but don't bother with the rest.

Yay, new thread!

Thanks for the short review. I will stay clear of it I think. Cannot stand not finishing series and time is too precious to spend it on crapness.

What made you pick it up in the first place Baz?

Think it was because i've heard too many people on the HoW going on about Scalzi.

Didn't regret picking up this particular novel though


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