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Author Topic: Forum Rules and FAQ's  (Read 1992 times)


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Forum Rules and FAQ's
« on: July 21, 2005, 06:08:35 AM »

Forum Rules & FAQ's

1. How do I post a spoiler?
To post a spoiler, simply use the following codes:

Code: [Select]
[spoiler]Here is the spoiler[/spoiler] - [i]Author - The title of the book[/i]Example :
Spoiler: show
Here is the spoiler
- Author - The title of the book

More information regarding posting spoilers can be found here

2. Spam – no not the meat
Spamming is not tolerated at any time, for any reason. Spam can take many forms. Examples of Spam that are not allowed are posting a reply for the sole reason of increasing your post count; this will result in your post counter being reset. Replying multiple times in the same thread with the same message, and finally, trying to promote a product or service by sending unsolicited personal messages or replies to other members. Action against members or guests who will Spam will be taken on a per case basis. If a serious offence has taken place the offender could face a permanent ban or a severe warning.

3. What are SPAM threads, and what do I need to know?
Spam threads are threads marked with an icon. Posting in a spam thread is limited to ONE post per 24 hours. What this means is you may only post in a spam thread once each day (board time - that's GMT). If you want, you may post in the thread at 11:59PM and again at 12:01AM. But if you do that you forfeit your post for the day and must again wait until 12:01AM the NEXT day.

Further rules regarding SPAM threads can be found here. Please read carefully before sposting.

4. What are the rules regarding fan-material?
We've consulted Ray directly about this matter. He asked us to not allow any distribution or discussion of creating or distributing any fan material based on his intellectual property.

Obviously we cannot, nor will we, stop people from doing it in the privacy of their homes. But any discussion of this will not be allowed, as per his personal request to us.

Second, there is a limit on how much protection a copyright has. For example, drawing a picture of a scene from Magician is legal (under fair use laws), but taking characters or situations from Magician and putting them in your own story IS illegal.

That is essentially what fan fiction, game mods, or full games made by fans are. If you can get Ray's permission to make, discuss, or distribute any fan material then we would gladly welcome you to do so here.

5. Screen names and Avatars
Discretion is warranted in this area. Members registering for the first time should avoid "nicks" that are racially biased or sexually oriented, and would cause embarrassment to themselves and other members, The Hall should not be interpreted as a "platform" for that member's seemingly personal agenda or vendetta. With those exceptions in mind, members may use whatever "nick" they choose, be it personal, related to another author, etc.

6. Language
There are no specific limitations as to what words members or guests may use when posting, but discretion is strongly suggested for a couple of reasons: We try and maintain a higher standard than the norm on this site, so as to avoid a situation where there would be cause for embarrassment for anyone. Also, the members and guests of the Hall vary in age from adolescent teens to adults. In the case of the former, the reason for discretion should be obvious, and it is again encouraged.

7. What are warnings, and what do I do about them?
Warnings are given out to any member, regardless of postcount, member number, popularity, personal friendships with staff, etc...You may be the coolest person on the board, but if you spam a thread you'll get a warning. There are no exceptions.

To find out why you got a warning click on the percent number (ie:20%). It will open a window that will show you the reason why you got the warning. Remember only yourself and staff can see how many warning you have, other members can NOT see.

If you receive a warning, after 30 days of good behaviour the warning will be removed, if a staff member has forgotten to remove a warning please PM the person who gave the warning. Remember *5 warnings equal a ban.*

8. What is Flaming?
Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. Members and guests of the Hall are welcome and free to engage in what is considered "light" jabs, picking of fun within the different forums. However, flaming, by definition, will not be tolerated. Ever bearing in mind that we're all human, and the first reaction against insult is to strike back, warnings will be issued to members and guests who engage in flaming. Warnings that are not heeded, however, will be rewarded with a ban of the offending member or guest. Remember to you the “Report Post to Moderator” button.

9. Reporting offensive material
If you find something offensive that has been said in a post on any thread in the forum please click the "report this post to a moderator" link in the post. It is then up to the staff to address the issue. Members who continue to post offensive material will have their posting privileges removed for 1 week. After, if they continue, 2 weeks. If they still continue, they will be banned. Please do not flame the offender. You may tell this person that you do not appreciate what they've said, but we do not want the forum to become one big

10. Where should Welcome topics be posted?
Welcome topics should be posted in "The Entrance" forum. Start a new topic here and say “Hi” to the other forum members, post everything you want to tell the community about yourself. You can test your profile-options (such as signatures and avatars) as well in your posts here.

11. Website Plugging.
A website plug is when you post a topic or in a thread with the sole intent of bringing people to your website. That post does not contribute to any discussion of the thread, even if it may seem related.

If you would like to have people visit your personal website, there is a way to do this that is allowed: add a link in your signature.

For more info read this thread.

12. Copyright
Essentially, any reproduction of any kind for any reason is illegal, and we will not condone it. Obviously we cannot do anything about it directly, but if any member discusses how he or she is reproducing one of Mr Feist's books, or copying the latest film or music album for whatever reason, that member will be warned. If that member continues to talk about the illegal reproduction, here at Honest John's, that member will be banned.

If a member requests an illegal copy or asks if "anyone knows where to find one", that member will be warned. If that member continues to ask about obtaining illegal copies, that member will be banned. If a member talks about sending another member an illegal copy of anything, both members will be banned outright.

Copyright infringement is a serious offence, and all it does is make it harder and harder for our favourite artists, musicians, and authors to bring us the entertainment we so love and enjoy. And, in the end, we too will suffer the consequences. And yes, the owners of this website could face legal ramifications for the actions of these members. This site could be shut down.

13 Staying on Topic If you're replying in a forum, specifically the Feist forum, please try and keep the nonsensical chatter to a minimum, The Just Conversation forum is where all the wacky and weird talk should take place.

14 Testing Don't post a response for the sole reason of testing your new sig or avatar, either look back at a previous post or test it by making an actual post. Don't post saying "Testing" you're not contributing to the topic at hand. That kills threads. And don't start "testing" threads either. Those will be closed immediately. So please, if you have to test something, don't ruin a topic by posting and not contributing. If you do, a mod will delete your post.

15. Polls
Polls are a good tool on the forum but only when used correctly. They should only be used on a topic where there are a few answers. Normal topics are encouraged as they are much more open to discussion and debate (and not bound by the limitations of the polls).

16. How do I change my custom member title from Peasant to *******?
Your custom member title is changeable after you have reached 100 posts.

17. Signature Size
The Signature limit is 4 lines of text. Now, that means 4 lines one after another like this.

Code: [Select]
This is the first line.
This is the second line.
This is the third line.
This is the fourth line

Spaces between text count as a line.

For those with an image, as long as that image is APROXIMATELY 4 lines of text in height that is fine. Mixing text and images is also fine as long as the result is still 4 lines of text in height.

This rule is in effect to keep the size of signatures to a manageable level. If the signatures get too big then they will take up more of the screen than the actual posts which would make it very confusing to read threads.
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Forum Rules and FAQ's
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2006, 10:33:57 PM »

I have gone through and updated the rules and FAQ for the forum and compiled a central repository of knowledge  
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Forum Rules and FAQ's
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2006, 10:18:09 PM »

If you don't agree with the rules, feel free to leave. If you insult the staff, we'll make you leave.

We've taken enough crap lately and we don't spend time and money in this site for that.
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