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  • July 17, 2018, 05:26:38 PM
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Author Topic: All Seasons Reading  (Read 1370 times)


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All Seasons Reading
« on: March 12, 2016, 09:02:16 PM »

In an attempt to solve our situation where we have a ton of old threads about REF and few new threads about other SFF authors, apart from those posts binned in the All Seasons Reading thread, I have created the All Seasons Reading board.

It does what it says on the cover. It's like the thread but instead of hitting reply, you now open a thread, write a title containing book name and author and then do what you normally do.

I've split some posts from the old All Seasons Reading thread to give you an example of what the All Seasons Reading board could be like. With this setup we can quite quickly get a large variety of threads. Now, you may not have all read the same books. (I doubt it.) But do not worry if it's a stub. We will threadmap every thread so other people will be able to find it back and reply on it later.

With a good title containing at least the name and title of the book the spiders that crawl our forum will also index these threads for our benefit. Which should be good for the Hall of Worlds showing up in search results, thus hopefully attracting a few new members. I will also do my best to reply to made posts, eventhough I've only read a fraction of some did here. I hope others will do the same.

Please use a thread with a fixed topic, such as a single book, a single author or a single series (Empire Series, City of Blades series, Lord of the Rings trilogy, etcetera.). This will benefit the forum, not just for search enquiries, but also because enough discussion on certain authors in All Seasons Reading and General Fantasy and Science Fiction will allow me to set up a new Hall of <Author name>.

I don't care whether you start three topics (one on book a, one on its author and one on the series he wrote with book a in it), as long as the content is different and allows people the freedom to react/hook into it with a reply. In fact I'm quite looking forward to increased discussion.

Please do not post trashbin posts such as the ones that form 90% of the old All Seasons Reading-thread in which the only similarity between the mentioned books per post was the fact that they were read by the person who wrote said post. Trashbin posts do not help the forum. Please help the forum.

Last but no least, if you were thinking, where the hell I got this idea from: I watched Great One and Syrion, in front of the English Fantasy section in a bookshop during the last meetup, discuss for God knows how long all sorts of SFF books. Which ones they read, recommended and which ones they liked or thought were similar to others.

Let's see if we can accomplish that through the new All Seasons Reading board.
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