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Author Topic: Entrance Forum  (Read 1871 times)


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Entrance Forum
« on: January 31, 2015, 10:30:11 PM »


You may find I have cleaned up the Entrance to make it more welcoming for old and new members alike. What are the changes?

  • Unstickied The Wolf's thread Length of time threads will remain open here, because it's over a decade old and no longer applies to the forum of today. We moderators are not going to stalk threads and count days as we have better things to do.
    • Agreed rules upon registration still apply. Which is to say that your freedom of welcoming new members has a common sense boundary that ends where spamming begins. We trust you have the responsibility to deal with that. I realize this boundary is more fluid than before, but both members as moderators can benefit from this.
    • Depending on overall board activity, we may start closing introduction threads pushed to the second page.
  • Members over thirty days old may once again open an introduction thread if they never did so before. If this applies to you and you feel you have missed your chance, then you are more than welcome to introduce yourself at long last. The former rule thread on this has been closed.
  • Members who already had an introduction thread before or after the great crash of the Summer 2004, may post about their return in the upgraded Come in and say hi! thread, now renamed Welcome back! Come in and say hi!. If you have doubts, assume you already had an introduction thread.
  • Aforementioned thread is not so coincidentally the aggregation of a decade of "welcome back" threads (re-introduction threads). If you had one, you may find it somewhere in there, assimilated and all.
  • If you had in the past a run-in with Shifty enforcing rules in the Entrance, and closing down your "welcome back" thread: your thread was merged with Welcome back! Come in and say hi!. The policing post in your thread was deleted before the merge.
  • To help people join us, introduce themselves, as well as point oldbies in the right direction, the following topic was pinned: New? Lost? Returned? Looking to join? Read this! Self-explanatory really.

I have reduced nine pages of welcome threads posted in the last decade to eight pages of welcome threads. As I cleaned up the Entrance, I read every welcome topic. We have been kind, funny, hilarious, warm and welcoming. But sometimes, myself included, we were hostile. Please keep in mind that despite our best intentions in the past we did err. Let us all learn from that.

That said, go forth and multiply! welcome newbies!



Some newbie-welcoming tips distilled from a decade of welcome threads:
  • Be kind, polite and welcoming to newbies.
  • Include appropriate smilies when joking to newbies as they may not be able to tell the difference yet.
  • Send them a welcome PM.
  • Let them know they can ask help should they require any.
  • Ask them questions where you express interest in them when you post your variant of "welcome".

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