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  • July 17, 2018, 05:25:56 PM
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Author Topic: Hall of Worlds Newsletter - May 2016  (Read 1426 times)


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Hall of Worlds Newsletter - May 2016
« on: April 27, 2016, 06:49:30 PM »

Announcements & Updates
Many changes have occurred in the last few months and this newsletter will detail what happened, why and what will be next.

One of the most important changes, is the one within the Hall of Worlds (HoW) Staff. After years of non-action, the remaining Staff members came together and talked. The Staff still cares about the HoW and all wish to see it blossom. And so steps have been taken to make this so. The announcement "Promotion and Staff structure" explains which structural changes have taken place, dealing not only with Staff members, as well as the command structure and the Retired Gods group. All these changes were in line with how we want the HoW Staff to be: from the community, more professional and more transparent.

Due to aforementioned changes within the Staff, the objective of Hallaisance has more power behind it. Therefore, the Hallaisance Team has been disbanded. Participants of the Hallaisance Team are asked to apply to the call for moderators. Any HoW member may apply to become a moderator, as long as they will be active, responsible and hard-working in their position.

The road to Hallaisance will be a long one. We have broken this road down into five phases, of which the first is about to be completed. The restoration of the Hall of Worlds will start at the forum and will expand outward step by step as the work progresses. One of the main goals is to get the website up and running again, as well as rebuild a functional wiki-style encyclopedia.
  • Phase 1 - Clean up, fixes and reform of the forum. Including a move from only REF to REF as part as a larger SFF forum. This fundamental change was discussed by the community before, and is in sorts a return to an earlier setup of the Hall of Worlds as it was around 2000. One of the challenges will be striking the right balance between JC style convo and the highbrow discussions on SFF that will draw new members in.
  • Phase 2 - The installation of a clean up-to-date SMF version as a coding test ground to work on updating current modifications active on the forum, as well as fixes to things that don't work too well. The endgame of phase two will be getting a wiki up and running integrated with our SMF software so there is one profile per member for forum and wiki.
  • Phase 3 - A rudimentary HoW website will be launched and we will work on a single skin for SMF-Wiki-Website.
  • Phase 4 - The current database will be moved (after backup) to the new environment. Allowing all members to work on the encyclopedia.
  • Phase 5 - The website will be improved upon and the news posts will return to the front page.
Finishing large projects has always been a pitfall. We are therefore most pleased to say that we have broken with a historical trend and that the threadmaps project has finished this April, about a year after starting. Finishing the threadmaps was also part of phase one. The threadmaps not only give visitors of Honest Johns another way to search through threads and topics, but they also form the basis of the forum sitemap.

Besides threadmaps the following changes took place:
  • A Discord Honest John Chat is now available for (voice) chat.
  • The structure of the discussion boards have been severely overhauled.
  • The Hall of Archives has been opened and closed threads without further purpose as well as threads before 2011 have been archived. Please post and open new threads to compensate!
  • Profiles have been fixed.
  • Smilies have been fixed and expanded.
  • Groups such as Donator, Retired Gods, VIP are now defunct.
  • Member titles have been overhauled to be more in line with the Hall of Worlds theme.
  • The logo of Honest Johns has been updated.
  • The calendar has been updated. (Thanks to Aurian and Ellia for helping out with that!)
  • Search Engine Tracking is now live and protecting us better from spiders.
  • The Hall of Worlds meeting 2016 in Rotterdam was succesfully organised. We had a blast. Next meeting: September in the Belgium city of Antwerp. Details and thread will follow.
Last but certainly not least, the rules and terms of use have been updated. It's the first update in 9 years in which we scrapped a lot of unnecessary rules and updated the Terms of Use with better formatting as well as moving two old rules under the Terms of Use for easier comprehension. The Terms of Use are now the foundation upon which the rules rest. A list of tips for how to deal with forum life has been added.

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The EntranceComments and Suggestions
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