Hall of Worlds Newsletter - November 2015

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  • July 21, 2018, 05:29:37 PM
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Author Topic: Hall of Worlds Newsletter - November 2015  (Read 1720 times)


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Hall of Worlds Newsletter - November 2015
« on: October 31, 2015, 10:59:42 PM »

Announcements & Updates
Threadmaps are being rolled out gradually to improve forum navigation and searching, as well as give new threads a better chance to develop. Interested? Check out the Science Fiction & Fantasy section for a discussion of your choosing!

Kikori has joined The Hallaisance Team. His focus will be SFF comics. The team allows members to take a more responsible role in contributing to the Hall of Worlds, by helping on the FB page and/or Twitter account.

The current main chatroom is now operating under Facebook (Messenger), although alternatives still exist. Check the new FAQ thread for more information.

Celebrated events: Back To The Future Day, Halloween

Feist News
There were no new updates in regards to REF. See also the King of Ashes discussion.

Feist Forum
Opened discussion: Favorite Riftwar Cycle novel
Ongoing discussions: King of Ashes, Where's Locklear?

Midkemian Gaming
EvileDNA's question on the Hall of Worlds in a pen and paper session has been answered.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Opened discussions:
  • Defiance - A discussion on the recently cancelled Syfy show Defiance. Bummer? Definitely!
  • Supergirl (TV) - A review on the Supergirl TV series.
  • Stuff Worth Reading 2015 - Are you, like many of us, terrible at keeping up with new releases? Do you have a hard time figuring out which of the hundreds to thousands of SFF books out each year you should read? Do you want to get in on that sweet, sweet award season action? This thread is for you.
  • The Flash (TV) - Are you curious about the new The Flash tv-series? Or just want to chip in? Read this.
  • In Search of the Castaways - Les Enfants du capitaine - Attention Jules Verne readers! What are the differences between the book and the movie?
Ongoing discussions: Scott Lynch, Brandon Sanderson, Ken Scholes

Opened discussion: Sword Coast Legends - Discussion on a Forgotten Realms D&D adventure game that looks to be the successor to the NeverWinter Nights franchise.

Just Conversation
Ongoing discussion: Afraid to come out as geek or nerd. Staying in the closet or not? - A most important question has been raised to those that fancy SFF, do you feel afraid to admit you are as geeky/nerdy as you are? Or are you 'still in the closet'?

The Entrance
A new welcome thread in October: EvileDNA
Members returning in October after a long absence: bats

Comments and Suggestions
It still possible to vote on the HoW FB page! Evaluate!

Opened discussions: Archival, Thread duration until archive
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