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  • July 20, 2018, 01:26:51 AM
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Author Topic: Small Update  (Read 1470 times)


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Small Update
« on: March 10, 2016, 11:43:02 PM »

Dear fellow Hall of Worlds members,

Life's been busy both on and off the forum. Nonetheless, I would like to give you all a small update on the state of affairs:

  • A Discord Honest John Chat is now available for (voice) chat.
  • The Hall of Worlds meeting 2016 in Rotterdam was a great success. We had a blast. You're hereby invited to come and meet-up again this year in September in the Belgium city of Antwerp. Details and thread will follow.
  • All former spam and game threads can now be found in the Carnaval section of The Community Hall
  • Smilies have now been fixed and expanded. Try them out!  :ninja:  :o >:)
  • Search Engine Tracking is now live and protecting us better from spiders.
  • The Calendar will be filled with birth and deathdates of SFF authors for more SFF flavour on the forum. Ellia is helping with the lists for that.
  • The Hall of Archives has been opened and closed threads without further purpose and threads older than five years (final reply in 2010 or older) will be moved into it. Please post and open new threads to compensate!  :D
  • Threadmap project is 75% done and we will continue to work on it until it's FINISHED.
  • And as you may have guessed based on above actions, or the big red letters next to this post, Darkon was promoted to Administrator.

The road to full forum restoration will be a long one, but as you can see, steps have been taken. There's only so much time that I have, so here's the plan. Now that I can do more than some moderating, we will focus first on our core before expanding outward.

First we clean and reform the forum to move it from only REF to include him and the rest of SFF as discussed before. One of the challenges is finding the right balance between JC style convo and the highbrow discussions on SFF that will draw new members in.

Second, and Syrion promised this, is the install of a clean up-to-date SMF version to play around with. We will play around with modifications to see what will work best. The most important of these will be playing around with the modifications that allow us to integrate a wiki system. I want the encyclopedia back.

Third, the current skin will have to be adjusted to cover both forum and wiki in a single style.

Fourth, once this is pat down, the database (backupped) will be moved to the new environment. Allowing all members to work on the wiki. It's the Hall of Worlds. There's many SFF worlds, so there will be plenty to do.

Fifth, with fixed infrastructure, it's time to resurrect the main website again, integrating the forum and wiki into it and returning the news posts on the front page.

From there we can focus again on advertising ourselves more agressively and draw new members in. One of the paths here is strengthening our identity through Facebook/Twitter as we've tried to do before with the small, understaffed, Hallaisance Team.

Speaking of teams, we will need active members to accomplish all our goals and so HoW Staff expansion is on the routemap to Hallaisance. And I will be keeping my eyes open for well motivated, hard-working members that not just want to help us make this happen, but also show that attitude through their activity and help.



PS: feedback, commentary, etc. is appreciated. Make sure it's constructive. ;)
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