Star Wars Episode VII (7) The Force Awakens - New trailers, teasers & discussion

Honest Johns

  • July 19, 2018, 11:23:54 AM
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Author Topic: Star Wars Episode VII (7) The Force Awakens - New trailers, teasers & discussion  (Read 1152 times)


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Alright people, December 18th is a long way away. So share your trailers and teasers here and discuss! Discuss! *twitches in anticipation*

Here's a few to begin with:

Spoiler: Possible major spoilers | Luke Skywalker | Sith • show

I heard Luke is missing and that there's a lot of dark side peeps about. I also heard that they are lackeys from Vader, trained by him. However, I also recall reading on wookiepedia that in the books, Luke joins the dark side. So, I was wondering, could this be also the case in the movies?
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Luke going over to the dark side was never canon. It was part of a less regarded comic run in which the Emperor was reborn (cloning and Sith magic) and Luke surrenders as it seems like a lost cause, and what better way to destroy your enemy than to study underneath him? I didn't personally mind the comic, its OK but it does undermine the character and the events of ROTJ a fair bit.

I don't foresee them going down that route with the new films. I am just purely speculating, of course, but I think they're keeping him out of the picture to allow Boyegas character more screen time to emerge as the new hero. Ridley too.
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