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Author Topic: Could Pug Have Been Duped? (Post-RoaDK spoilers!)  (Read 1658 times)

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Could Pug Have Been Duped? (Post-RoaDK spoilers!)
« on: February 10, 2010, 04:58:44 AM »

So, I just finished my second read through of the entire Riftwar Cycle (Magician-Rides a Dread Legion) and something came to me that I never thought of before...

Spoiler: show
So, we all know that Macros was a dupe, all along really.  He was vain enough to think that he was an agent for Sarig, when really Banath was pulling the strings all along.  Banath told this to Pug himself, even commenting on how hard it was to manipulate Pug because he had none of Macros' vanities.  We also know that Pug is under the impression that he was returned from the halls of Lims-Kragma to (maybe) fulfill some greater purpose, but the cost of which was that he would have to watch everyone he loved die.  What if that isn't what happened at all?  Is it possible that Banath is the one really behind Pug's connection to the death goddess?  Could the trickster god be playing on Pug's sense of loyalty and duty, the same way that he played on Macros' feelings of superiority?  I only wonder because we keep getting told how powerful Magnus is, and how he will more than likely someday surpass both of his parents in magical prowess.  It seems to me that this will NEVER come to pass, since supposedly Magnus will die before Pug (and possibly in the not-too-distant future at that) thus never living up to this legacy.  Sure, we've already seen Nakor, Miranda, and Caleb bite the bullet (so to speak), but could that all just be a terrible coincidence, or perhaps some twisted method of Banath to make sure Pug still thinks is purpose is being fulfilled?

Anyway, discuss...

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Re: Could Pug Have Been Duped? (Post-RoaDK spoilers!)
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2010, 06:06:43 AM »

I think the idea that Magnus has the potential to be stronger is an escape clause put in place by REF for Pug. (what a mouthful..)

It's plausible that, whatever Pugs ultimate destiny may be, Magnus would be able to take up his "mantle" (for lack of a better word), thus allowing Pug to move on or die, and thus be spared the fate of having to watch his loved ones perish.

This would put the burden on Magnus, of course, but Pug deserves some form of peace.

Whether or not that would mean that Magnus is bound to the same agreement he has with the Lady of Death is another issue...
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Re: Could Pug Have Been Duped? (Post-RoaDK spoilers!)
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2010, 01:01:37 AM »

I doubt how far ahead REF maps things out. Banath deluding Macros has a post facto air to me.


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Re: Could Pug Have Been Duped? (Post-RoaDK spoilers!)
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2010, 06:18:57 AM »

Certainly seems possible. I think Banath noted that Pug needs to serve a greater purpose tham himself so it's possible that Banath made up the Death Goddess' deal to him so that he could cope with all his grief under the illusion that he would be helping/saving the world as a result.  In essence, I think if not for that deal, Pug may well have given up or even sought death after the loss he's experienced, feeling like the endless struggle was pointless unlike Macros who's driving force was vanity and would see the loss of others around him as supporting his superiority to them.

Another possible hint at this:
Spoiler: show
I seem to recall that it was Nakor who did the major work on healing Pug while he was talking to the Goddess of Death and making the deal to live but watch all he loved die.  We now know that Nakor contained a portion of the God of Trickery in him, so in essence, Pug was in fairly close contact with this portion of Banath during his supposed meeting with the goddess of Death.
- Rage of a Demon King, Death Goddess Deal
- Wrath of a Mad God, Truth about Nakor

But we cannot discount that we are talking about the lord of lies here so it's just as easy to presume that Banath was lying about being the one behind Macros and many other events.  It could easily be that macros really was a creature of Sarig (thinking back to the last thing that happened to him as he fought the Demon).
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